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Rubia is a Premier Napa Valley Winery and House of Traditions

Rubia Wine Cellars is a celebration of love. It is the love story of Vintners Margaret and Joe Valenzuela. A joyful ode to Napa Valley. The culmination of an enduring dream and the beginning of a family legacy.

The Valenzuelas fell in love with Napa Valley while on honeymoon. For years, the Valley tugged at their hearts until it became home. Spanish for blonde, “Rubia” was Margaret’s childhood nickname. Joe chose to name their wine for his wife as a playful nod to the romantic origin of their cellar.

Together with their children, the Valenzuelas release limited allocations of their distinctive wines each year. As always, love remains their focus. Intimate and celebratory, Rubia Wine is as much at home on a brimming table where friends and family gather as it is shared between lovers on a blissful, cozy night.

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Rubia Wine Cellars is our love story

With Each Other, with Beautiful Napa Valley and with Wine.

There is something magical about Napa Valley. For decades, the Valley captured our hearts before we were able to call it home.

As recovering legal professionals, we had a long (sometimes bumpy, always exciting!) road to winemaking. We immersed ourselves in learning everything we could about viticulture in Napa Valley – completing formal training in the UC Davis and WSET programs and getting our hands dirty during a harvest internship. We continue to get our hands dirty to this day. We love to walk the vineyards where our grapes grow and are always the first ones to arrive when it’s time for harvest and bottling. A family affair, our sons, Joshua and Tres, and daughter-in-law Maddie, are with us each step of the way.

Our desire to create wine that captures the magic of this place drives us daily. When we opened Rubia Wine Cellars, we did so with an enthusiasm for place-based, character-driven wine. We are passionate about telling a story with our wines. One that expresses the unique viticulture of Napa Valley; that speaks to the perfection of its grapes, the nuances of its climate, and the passion of its people.

We could never have anticipated the friendships we would make along the way. We have the honor of working with growers at some of the most legendary Vineyards in the Valley. Their passion and dedication are contagious, and their expertise second-to-none.

By honoring the land our grapes are grown on, allowing our fruit to flourish with little intervention, and patiently aging our wines, Rubia captures what is naturally perfect about Napa Valley. To us, Napa is paradise: beautiful, romantic, and surprising. We hope you taste the magic of Napa in every bottle.

The Valenzuelas

Rubia Wine Cellars vineyard during harvest


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