Our Team

Our partnership with the fayard winemaking team is instrumental to our success

Renowned in the Valley for creating wines with identity, Julien, Camille, David, John and Bekah continue to achieve excellence with each vintage of Rubia Wine.

Julien Fayard


Julien moved from his home in France to the Napa Valley in 2006. In France, Julien worked in Provence and Bordeaux, where he defined his core winemaking style at the exalted first growth Château Lafitte-Rothschild (he even lived in Lafitte’s grand château for a period) as well as at Smith Haut Lafitte.

There, Julien says he learned his attention to detail and how to not excessively intervene in the winery: “If you put in the hard work in the vineyard, you have to trust and have patience; then, on its own, the wine will become all that it is capable of.” 

Here in Napa, Julien worked at Quintessa before joining Atelier Melka, where he spent five years as the Director of Winemaking. It was here, working with a variety of clients, including Lail Vineyards, Gemstone, Dalla Valle, and more, that Julien further developed his winemaking style — while also gaining an intimate understanding of the Valley’s vineyards and establishing strong relationships with its many passionate, quality-dedicated growers.

Camille Gaio

Director of Winemaking

Raised in the French Alps, Camille graduated as a sommelier and worked across France before shifting her attention to an education in wine science and viticulture at the University of Bordeaux while working for a premium Chateau. Camille turned a love of the alpine slopes into a love of the ocean swell while on the Western coast of France and followed the waves and vines to dynamic international vintages in California, Australia, and New Zealand. She is now continuing her growth in Napa Valley, always with an eye on the tide.