Jones Family Vineyard

Region: Napa
AVA: Calistoga

Terroir: On the eastern hillsides of Howell Mountain, Jones Family Vineyard spans 10-acres of sloping vineyards. This site’s steep terrain and rocky volcanic soil create ideal conditions for growing structured Cabernet Sauvignon.

Estate: The Jones Family Vineyards are Certified Napa Valley Green. The Jones Family produces brilliantly balanced varietals by nurturing and giving back to their land.

Our Wines: 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon / 2018 Napa Valley Red Blend

Sleeping Lady Vineyard

Region: Napa
AVA: Yountville

Terroir: Named for a unique formation of foothills that look like a woman sleeping on her side, Sleeping Lady Vineyard is situated on 46-acres of West Benchland in the Mayacamas Mountains. Sleeping Lady benefits from the distinctively cool microclimate of the Yountville AVA – an area renowned for producing highly tannic Cabernet Sauvignon varietals. We love the aromatic floral notes, strong tannins, and natural elegance of the Cabernet Sauvignon we source from this site.

Estate: Remarkable in its beauty and the Grand Cru quality of its grapes, Sleeping Lady Vineyard is owned and managed by Giancarlo Bettinelli (son of legendary Winemaker Larry Bettinelli). A heritage Vineyard, Sleeping Lady has a reputation for producing some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in the world.

Our Wines: 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon / 2019 Napa Valley Red Blend

Barking Dog Vineyard

Region: Napa
AVA: Coombsville

Terroir: Influenced by San Pablo and San Francisco Bay, Barking Dog benefits from cooling winds, early morning fog, and diverse soils ideal for viticulture. The rocky volcanic soils of Barking Dog’s 10-acre appellation Vineyard create natural drainage and allow vines to form deep root systems.

Estate: Nestled in the farmlands of Coombsville, owners Larry and Beverley Thomson were among the first in Napa Valley to plant Bordeaux varietal Merlot. Aromatic, bright, and naturally acidic, the Merlot we source from Barking Dog Vineyard helps to create our truly show-stopping Napa Valley Red Blend.

Our Wines: 2018 Napa Valley Red Blend

Truchard Vineyard

Region: Napa
AVA: Carneros

Terroir: Located in the foothills of the Mayacama mountains, Truchard Vineyard is enviable in its topography and geology. Lush hillsides, sloping mountainsides, and picturesque valleys combine to make Truchard one of the most diverse vineyards in Napa. Home to a range of soil types, including clay and shale, volcanic rock, and sandstone, Truchard Vineyards is a haven for grape-growing. The cool, Mediterranean-like climate of Truchard allows for slow, even ripening, well-developed tannins and natural acid retention.

Estate: Proprietors Tony and Jo Ann Truchard and their family have managed this extraordinary Vineyard for nearly 40 years. Certified Napa Valley Green and recognized for its 100% renewable growing practices, Truchard Vineyard is a leader in sustainable viticulture.

Our Wines: 2020 Truchard Chardonnay

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Ritchie Vineyard

Region: Sonoma
AVA: Russian River

Terroir: Ritchie Vineyard is composed of 70-acres of benchland in the Russian River Valley and exclusively grows old Wente Chardonnay. Cool morning fog and sandy seabed soil allow the Wente clones grown at this site to flourish, achieving Grand Cru quality. Ritchie Vineyards is renowned for producing fresh, vibrant, and intensely flavored Chardonnay with natural citrus notes.

Estate: Legendary Winegrower Kent Ritchie and his historic Ritchie Vineyard are synonymous with Napa Valley Chardonnay. Hand-painted signs and generously spaced vines speak to Ritchie’s careful attention to detail and personal connection to this famed Vineyard.

Our Wines: 2019 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay

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